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Dutch B.V. (Private Limited Company)

Company formation has never been this easy in the Netherlands. Set up your Netherlands Private Limited Company in a few simple steps, at a fixed rate, together with the most experienced formation agent in the Netherlands.

Frequently Asked Questions Set up a Dutch B.V. (Private Limited Company)

Company formation in the Netherlands costs around 2.500 - 5.000 EUR for the first year, if you are a Small or Medium-sized enterprise. Aside from the Dutch formation costs (illustrated above), you should consider accounting costs (VAT filing, annual reporting, perhaps payrolling) and corporate support to get familiar in the Dutch market (banking, housing/coworking office, etc.).

Yes, basically anyone can start a Netherlands company. In principle, there is no restriction, aside from any sanctions which might have to be considered.

Company formation takes about 3-5 days in the Netherlands. It could theoretically be done in 1 day, but in practice, it requires timing to collect the right documents, and get the meeting scheduled with the notary in the Netherlands (or online).

The Dutch BV can be set up in 1 day, without a bank account, and without the necessary capital deposit. The Dutch limited company can be set up by anyone (adult), and even by corporate bodies such as overseas holding companies. Aside from that, the corporate taxes are relatively low for Netherlands companies.

The KvK registration will function in many ways as a ‘business license’. You will receive your KVK company extract within 1 or 2 days after you have visited the notary in the Netherlands, or the remote formation of the Netherlands company has been executed.
After the company has been registered at the Chamber of Commerce, it’s entitled to operate any activity (some activities are regulated). Most services are allowed without an extra required business license, such as ‘production’, ‘import export’, ‘consultancy’, and most other services(unless it's more obvious the services are regulated, such as banking, Church, University, security/detective, etc.)

In case you set up a Netherlands company as a non-resident (director), then it's very likely that the VAT number will not be issued automatically. Our team at Bolder Launch can assist to apply for a VAT number in the Netherlands once your Dutch company has been set up.

No, you don't need a bank account to be eligible for company formation in the Netherlands. In fact, no capital deposit is required for standard share capital of 100 EUR. When you choose for a larger share capital (which must be paid up), or just for standard business operations, you can also opt to open a bank account outside the Netherlands.

No, the Netherlands does not provide any offshore company regime, tax holidays or other specific tax incentives for newcomers to the Netherlands. There are some subsidies available, and even a tax discount for innovative (startup) companies, but these regimes are very specific and do not apply to anyone who starts a business in the Netherlands.

The Chamber of Commerce keeps the Trade Register, which contains information about all BVs (and other business entities) incorporated and/or registered in the Netherlands, like statutory name, date of incorporation, registered address, name and authority of directors. It is noted that also the name and address of 100% of shareholders are included in the Trade Register. If it is not desired to disclose the identity of the shareholder, it is recommendable to arrange for shares to be held by a Dutch or foreign third party. (please consider pending implementation of the European UBO-register)The information in the Trade Register is freely accessible by the public. In day to day business the Trade Register is an important source of information for possible business partners and it is common practice in the Netherlands that the Trade Register is consulted before doing business.

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