Our clients come from different parts of the world and have particular requirements and goals for their businesses. Whatever they need, Bolder Launch will be your single provider for every service. 

Bolder Launch clients, have their own personal Company Officer who will be their direct point of contact and be responsible for ensuring all of your requests are dealt with within 24 hours. For your more technical and legal requests, Company Officers are be supported by one of our (external) experienced Expert Consultants who specialize in tax law, accounting, immigration law and a whole lot more matters such as drafting of contracts, debt collection, purchase or rent of real estate, negotiating with local partners and much more.

Our legal team in the Netherlands provides full legal help and support to global entrepreneurs, investors or high networth individuals.

Our Dutch law consultants and our dutch lawyers are fully up to date with the latest legislative developments and the different forms of interpretation for the legal norms and regulations in the Netherlands.

Our team has helped over 10.000 entrepreneurs, to set up companies in more than 25 countries. Since 2015 our team of lawyers has primarily focused on Dutch laws, as well as the European and International Law that might be relevant for our clients doing business in The Netherlands.

If you are planning to set up, run, or relocate your business (or its staff members) to The Netherlands, then Bolder Launch will be your trusted legal partner.

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Why you should use a Dutch lawyer

Before you set up your Netherlands company, or employ/relocate staff members it’s advised to have a good understanding of the Dutch company laws, and the legal consequences.

Our Dutch lawyers and legal consultants have experience in dealing with Dutch startup companies of B. Amsterdam (Europe’s biggest startup ecosystem, based in Amsterdam), or expats of, and several other communities, that rely on our Dutch lawyer services. Bolder Launch has a reputable name as Dutch law firm, and our entrepreneurial attitude allows us to provide simple legal solutions, for fixed fees and without hidden (hourly) charges.

Our Dutch legal services are aimed to add value for your business, and to ensure that your business grows safely, without having to focus on the legal gaps, or waste money on endless legal reports and unnecessary legal help. We focus on the legal problems that matter, and tackle them with a no-nonsense approach.

A Dutch lawyer might not always be necessary. Luckily, most of our clients don’t need our legal help. In the first instance our lawyers are focussed on improving our core formation and company officer services, and to ensure that we can provide you with legal help as part of our standard services, without extra charges.

However, every entrepreneur has to deal with unexpected events, or complicated matters, for example in case of exponential growth of your organisation. This will require an eye for detail, and bespoke legal services.

As a global entrepreneur, it’s important not to underestimate the complexity of the legal system, that you have no experience with yet. There is a lot of interesting legal information available on the internet, and online standard templates might be handy. But when it comes to Dutch law, the devil lies in the details.

By appointing Bolder Launch as your Dutch lawyer, you avoid such scenarios, so you can focus on your business.

Application of Dutch legal services

Each company and their Dutch legal requirements, is unique. However, over the years, we have seen certain trends among our clients, and Bolder Launch has shaped the services below to deal with the typical requests of global entrepreneurs and multinationals expanding to the Dutch market:

  • Immigration Law: Our Immigration lawyers can assist with your (temporary) residency permit applications or issues
  • Litigation: To legally represent your business and assist our clients who are involved in lawsuits.
  • Dutch tax advice and tax consultancy: Inform on tax compliance, and tax regulations. Providing tax planning services to minimize tax liabilities, or apply for Tax ID (such as VAT registration in The Netherlands) or Tax Rulings (such as on Transfer Pricing)
  • Company registration in the Netherlands: Drafting shareholders agreements, formation deeds, and other corporate documents.
  • Dutch Employment regulations and labor law : how to draft a Dutch employment contract (consider the rights of the employees, and liabilities of employers), using non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements and resolving employee disputes.
  • International Legal services for Trading Companies: Legal help for companies in the trade sector, our Dutch lawyers can help with import and export regulations, customs affairs, international trademark, import certificates, and much more.
  • Buying Real estate in The Netherlands: Our Dutch real estate lawyers represent clients who are planning to invest in property in the Netherlands or who are involved in real estate litigation .

Examples of Legal help in The Netherlands

How can our Dutch lawyers provide you legal help? Simple! We have developed legal products and services that allow us to provide you a clear timeline, and a fixed fee for our full legal support in a project.
One of the first steps would be to identify your legal problems, and to create a Legal Memorandum about your situation.

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