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Are you currently researching the options to expand your business in the Netherlands and how you can get in touch with potential customers? Bolder Launch can help you with this process, and increase your revenue in The Netherlands!

Our Market Entry services in the Netherlands make sure you have a reputable presence, and allows you to properly introduce yourself, as someone who has made a sincere investment in the market. Its says, you are her to stay. That it’s worth investing time in the relationship with your company.

There are many opportunities available for companies to take advantage of once they enter the global marketplace. Whether a company is considering to enter another country or a whole region (like the EU for example), a clear game-plan needs to be set. Entering a new market can both be defined as a unique opportunity for a company, as well as a threat.

Market entry should not be perceived as a risky method of expansion, as generally in the worst case scenario the company can still get solid experience, learn more about its audience, products, strengths and weaknesses.

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Learned Lessons

An unsuccessful market entry, can result in losing credibility, resources, faith customers etc., but a successful market entry can be a growth breaking point for a company.

A great example of both successful and unsuccessful market entry (ies) is UBER, which started in the hometown of the founders in the US, and expanded all over the world, while faced plenty of regulatory, reputation and trust issues in the EU and other regions. Both the preparation and execution stage could’ve been implemented differently, which would result in the company being prepared for the threats, which it faced.

This is a great case study to learn from as well as to see how other competitors of UBER have taken the advantage of seeing their fellow competitor to fail in several countries and occupying the market. As we all know, the Estonian startup Taxify successfully overcame UBER in the EU, by learning from mistakes of the competitor.

Walmart failed its market entry to Germany, because they didn’t understand their local audience and it took several years for them to “withdraw” from Germany, which results in millions of losses.

Global Expansion Concept

Global expansion has become a necessity for companies looking to continue their growth in today’s competitive landscape.

To stay ahead of competitors, and get your company out of the ‘danger zone’ (or the startup phase), global expansion is a must. Going global accelerates your company’s growth by giving you access to a new customer base.

Going global not only increases your audience, and network, but it also increases your company’s credibility and ability to market itself as an multinational brand. By building a global presence, you give customers more reason to believe in your company by establishing credibility in multiple markets. Creating a scalable business model, nowadays is amid the general things to consider, when creating the initial company and business plan, but the scalability needs to be also implemented as soon as the company is ready to expand. While most of the companies pre-consider their strategies to enter a new market, there are plenty of variables in each market entry to consider.

Bolder Launch can assist in developing market strategies, execute these strategies, and offer a variety of virtual office, and housing solutions, to make sure your company fully utilizes these advantages of going global.

If you are interested in our support, we can arrange a pricing structure that fits with your milestones. For example, in the first step we can draft a short strategy for you on how to enter the Dutch market.  
In a next phase, we could potentially help with market research, or getting data of certain type of companies, or even individuals. 

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