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The latest business news in The Netherlands

Is it better to start a business in Germany or the Netherlands?

Should you incorporate a company in German or the Netherlands? Let’s talk about the process and the requirements!

requirements to register a UBO in the Netherlands

An overview of the UBO registration requirement in the Netherlands

What are the requirements to register a UBO in the Netherlands? We discuss point by point in this Bolder Launch blog.


Need bookkeeping for your Netherlands business? Here’s how we can help

Why leave your bookkeeping needs to the pros? Here are 3 reasons you should get our bookkeeping services for your Netherlands business.


Theories, Facts and Trends in Accounting

What are the theories, facts and trends in accounting? Bolder Launch breaks it down. Plus, we can help you with your accounting needs!

tax memo netherlands

Tax Memo in the Netherlands: How to apply | Dutch tax consulting

A tax memorandum is typically the first step to corporate restructuring. How can you apply for a tax memo in the Netherlands? Find out here.


Bolder Launch recruits startups for international expansion

Participants of The Next Web Summit will be the first to sign up for Bolder Launch’s Launch Pad program. With this program, Bolder Launch will further expand its startup facilitation activities.

accountant netherlands

Fact vs. Myth: The Added Value of Accountants

In this article, we debunk some of the myths surrounding accountants in the Netherlands – and why they add value to your Dutch company!


As it grows, Bolder Launch looks for new Launch crew members!  

Bolder Launch is growing; and so, we need a bigger, bolder team!


Bolder Launch is looking for a Business Compliance Officer

For our growing operations we are looking for a Business Compliance Officer. As a Business Compliance Officer, you will work closely with our legal, financial, and corporate administrators to ensure that Bolder Launch (part of Bolder Group) can maintain its continued growth, by ensuring that Bolder Launch complies with applicable laws, regulations, supervisory requirements and […]


Bolder Launch is looking for an Accountant

For our growing operations, we are looking for a Accountant. As an Accountant you will have a challenging but diversified role. You will be responsible for all the day-to-day administration of our clients. Due to the diversified type of clients we are looking for someone who is hands-on and has a can-do mentality. You will […]


Bolder Launch is looking for a Junior Accountant

For our fast-growing organization we are looking for a Junior Accountant. As Junior Accountant, you will be responsible for the day-to-day management of a portfolio of client companies. As primary finance point of contact for our clients, you need to manage ad-hoc activities, next to your intensive client contact and daily work. In this position, […]