How to employ a staff member in the Netherlands

Frequently Asked Questions How to employ a staff member in the Netherlands

No, this is not necessary. Your current (foreign) company can also register as an employer in the Netherlands and obtain the appropriate tax number to pay the wage taxes for its staff members in the Netherlands.

You should complete the Tax Form for employers, which is provided by the Dutch tax authorities. It can take up to 6 weeks to receive this tax ID. In the meantime, employment can already start (and a down payment of the salary can be paid, without issuing a salary slip).

An intern should also be on the payroll of the Dutch company. This means that taxes could be applicable. However, due to the typical low salary for interns, this is likely not relevant. For instance, if an intern receives a monthly salary of 300 EUR, then this would be a net amount (gross and net amount would be the same). However, an intern is not protected by ‘employee regulations,’ which means there is no minimum wage or stipulations on how to lay off an intern.

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