What types of entities are available in the Netherlands?

Frequently Asked Questions What types of entities are available in the Netherlands?

In our Launch Guide category ‘Corporate Structuring’ you find a lot of information on how you can make changes in your Dutch company structure. We also offer services related to Change of Board, and Change of Shareholder. 

In case you like to change simple details, such as the address of the director, or contact details, you can update these records at the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel).

In case you like to change the shareholders, or share capital of a legal entity, a public notary will have to be involved. This is also the case when you like to update your Articles of Association/Formation Deed (statuten). 

In case you like to transform your current company form (for example, a sole proprietorship) to a legal entity (such as the Private Limited), in most cases you require to start a company from scratch. This means you will have to transfer the assets (and debts) to the new company. You might be able to avoid any tax consequences for such a transition. It’s best to contact one of our tax experts to discuss such a transition. 

Although the Dutch B.V and the Dutch branch are the most popular options to start a Dutch business, the choice that you need to make is very personal. If you are a well-established multinational expanding to The Netherlands, you will be considering different matters, than if you are a sole proprietor starting your first business.

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