The formation of the Dutch Company

Frequently Asked Questions The formation of the Dutch Company

Forming a company in the Netherlands is not an integrated process and therefore it is difficult to give an exact time frame. Technically a company can be set up within one working day if the formation is carefully prepared and all documents are provided by the incorporator. In reality, it takes time to collect the right information, instruct the notary, receive the formation deed, and get the signed and/or legalized documents from the incorporator. In general, it should be considered it takes between 5 and 10 working days to set up a Dutch company.

The costs to set up a Dutch company depends on the company form that will be used. A sole proprietorship or Dutch branch can be registered at the Chamber of Commerce without involving a Dutch notary. In this case, the fees can be limited to the Chamber of Commerce fees (75 EUR). In case a Dutch legal entity is established, such as the Dutch BV or NV, notary fees (approx. 1.000- 1.500 EUR) need to be considered.  The exact fees can depend on the complexity of the formation, and the number of stakeholders.

A common motivation for forming a company in the Netherlands is to be able to import products to Europe. For importing goods into the Netherlands no import license is required. In case of certain foods, or goods, an import certificate might be required. 

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